27 Feb

As many of you know after having been scorned by my children, I don’t really believe in birthday parties.  Cole had one this year when he turned 7.  He will have another in his teens.  That is all.  He has also attended one birthday party in his life; Owen has been to ZERO and has never had a party.  I take that back.  They both went to another one that I suddenly remembered but that was a guilt party.

People seem to think this is weird of me.  I’m mostly fine with that.  My friend Lara has two or three birthday parties each weekend (having four kids in the mix makes the invites grow exponentially).  I would almost literally rather die.

I just told someone that we would not be attending a birthday event this reason.  I explained that it wasn’t personal, but that we don’t do birthday parties.  It did not go over very well.  I do just have to say, in my defense, that when you act obnoxious about a declined invitation is doesn’t make me regret my decision.


One Response to “Birthdays”

  1. spanishjenna February 27, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

    People are crazy about birthday parties. I always try to mention loudly in crowds of moms who might invite us that we don’t do them unless they’re for actual friends–not people who consider us one of their closest 500 friends. And we specifically request that people not bring gifts when we invite them over for our birthdays. And my kids aren’t getting Valentines gifts or St Patricks gifts either. What’s wrong with people??!!!

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