21 Jan

Boys were making me crazy yesterday, so I proposed a contest: build a space house on the moon using Legos.

Twenty minutes later, the competition was complete.

Cole built a home with dual energy sources, including gears turning a thing to make electricity as well as solar panels.  Another area of sleeping, as well as a docking station for incoming space shuttles and a device for sending out communications.

Owen built something and only wanted to talk about two of the features: a radioactive fence and a part that could smash Cole’s building.

Both were declared winners and given a lollipop.  The differences between my children can be simply summed up in their buildings–thinker and anarchist.  The next ten or twenty years should be interesting.


One Response to “Creationism”

  1. jennasfriends January 23, 2013 at 5:52 pm #

    This is fun! People ask me all the time how I like having a boy. So far it’s not different, but I read this and realized we’ve got a lot of new vocabulary ahead of us. I’m sure my girls have no idea what radioactive means. (Hilary)

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