Friday Night! Wahoo!

1 Dec

I volunteered at a local high school last night to judge the academic decathlon.  Hello dream job–I get to judge people?  Ha ha, little joke.  But really it was reasonably fun, especially since my girl Lara came with me.

A hundred years ago, I worked for our high school district.  It was weird to be in a classroom with all these other professionals that I knew back in the days.  Deja vu maybe?  It seemed so long ago.  And comfortable.  I could so easily slip back in.  But then I would be a terrible mom.  I know only one way to be a teacher–whole heartedly.  I’m not good at doing anything halfway.  Todd does not love this about me.

Anyway, so it was nice and weird and a little bittersweet.  Even when the boys are in school all day I don’t think I can work full time.  My brain can’t worry about that many things at once.

On a related note, I am better at volunteering than doing things for myself.  I am coming to realize this.  So if there was a way that my physical fitness could bring books to disadvantaged refugees, perhaps I could take it more seriously.  Maybe one of my readers could set up that sort of foundation.

We’re going on a couple date today to see LINCOLN (not my nephew, the movie, which Cole is confused about).  Todd put this together.  Todd!  He has such a man crush on this guy, wanting to do things with him and his family.  So bizarro.    That should be a whole other post, I know, but it isn’t going to happen.


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