25 Nov

I have just purchased winter clothing for my children.  First time ever.  We are heading north over the Christmas holidays, so it seems mean to make them wear sandals and shorts.

My mom and sisters and everyone else on earth have always complained about gear.  I never paid them much mind.  There’s so much you need if you don’t want people to freeze.  And they will keep growing out of it, right?  We’ve borrowed in the past–think Owen’s lovely pink snowsuit for a mountain snow weekened when he was 2–but we’ll be gone nearly 2 weeks so this was necessary.  I’m just glad it is once.

On the bright side, the boys love their giant puffy coats.  They do a sort so sumo wrestling thing with them.  It makes me hot as they run around the house all bundled up, but if they are having fun I guess I don’t mind.


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