Winter And

9 Nov

It is winter in Yuma.  Lower temperatures, lots of outdoor time.

And homeless people.

I get it–if I had to live outside, I’d be here in the winter too.  It is just a big influx, not quite as big as the winter visitors but just as challenging.  Especially at the parks where we spent a lot of hours.  I’m pretty chill I’d say, but yesterday there was a guy sleeping in the purple tunnel of the play equipment.  Sigh.

There was an attempted kidnapping this week so there’s a lot of police presence at the parks lately.  I don’t love it.  I did request one of the dozen cops rouse my sleeper, since they were around, but otherwise it just kind of creeps me out to have them all around.  I appreciate their diligence, really, but Cole keeps wanting to know what is going on.

We’re going out most nights lately so family time–any combination of dog, soccer ball, glow int eh dark remote control car.  Good times.

And now the ‘and’ portion of the title…I have some amazing mascara.  Truly.  I’d like to tell you all about it but it would be rather out of character for the blog.  So I’m not sure.  Besides, if I tell you then you will all have amazing lashes and then what might happen to the world?  Who knows!


One Response to “Winter And”

  1. Kristine November 10, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    Never thought about the homeless thing, but yea, that sucks. Reminds me of L.A. all. the. time. Creepy for sure. Yay for awesome lashes! I have brands that I swear by as well.

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