7 Nov

Cole is the sole Romney supporter in our home.  Which is fine.  For now.

This morning when I made him breakfast, I had to break the news to him about the election.

“President Obama got the most votes so he’s going to keep being the president.”

“But what about Romney?” asked the wee one.

“In every contest, someone has to win and someone has to be the loser,” I reminded.

“That’s true.”

We agreed that it will probably be a hard day for Mr. Romney.  Maybe he’ll pull an Al Gore, going fat and furry for a couple years.  That is what I’d like to see.


One Response to “Sympathy”

  1. spanishjenna November 8, 2012 at 7:12 am #

    Tell Cole to come and live with us.

    My mom is horrified that you’re an Obama-ite. She may not be sending anymore buzzard updates because of it. See, he’s already made your life less rich.

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