25 Oct

After 430 miles of driving yesterday, an Owen doctor update.  We are adding another epilepsy drug since one is not all the way working.  This one, tegretol, is more targeted specifically to partial seizures.  It has weird side effects, of course.  AWESOME!  There are additional concerns from O’s neurologist.  The fact that he is constantly sick, for example.  We are doing oodles of blood tests–they actually took so many vials that we had to stay around to have juice and crackers to make sure he didn’t pass out.  Also she is concerned that he has fallen off the growth curve.  Essentially there might be a different, larger issue where all of these things plus the seizures are a sign of something else.  We will see.


In good news, we have found a Cafe Rio and Trader Joe’s near the doctor’s office and a large park just a block away.  These things all make out bimonthly visits more pleasant.  On our drive home I saw my first coyote.

A slightly annoyed sidenote: I got home about 9:30 last night.  Todd was playing a video game.  The kitchen a mess.  Laundry on the couch waiting to be folded.  I was able to control myself but just barely.  Argh.


2 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. kristine October 25, 2012 at 8:57 am #

    Well, it’s encouraging that they might be able to pinpoint the source behind it all, but scary nonetheless. I’m interested to hear how he does on Tegretol. Fingers crossed. The Tod thing makes me laugh. So typical!

  2. jenna October 25, 2012 at 12:29 pm #

    This is exhausting. Really, really, never endingly exhausting. Hope Owey is ok. And mostly you too.

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