22 Sep

This summer my boys have begun to shun pajamas for sleeping in the underwear.  They find it daring.  I find it amusing.  Whatever.  It is hot.  I don’t care.  It has the added bonus that Daddy mentioned that he sleeps in just unders and always has.

The bonus here is that I get to see my funny children running around looking so tall and lean and hilarious with just brightly colored underwear.  Their bodies are amazing to me.

No pictures, I’m thinking that a school aged child is probably the cut off for Internet Nudity (or near) appropriateness.  And that makes me sad.

At what point am I not going to think that their bodies are cute and fascinating?  I’m guessing that the first body hair will do it, but I wonder if it will come sooner.  That is a day that will make me cry.


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