A Sort of Cross Dressing?

20 Aug

Cole did not have recess his first eight days of school because the temperature never dropped below 110.

Today is 105 with some insanely high amount of humidity.

No matter the weather, Owen dresses himself.  Usually there is a correlation between temperature and layers; if it is super hot, he will choose long pants and long sleeves.  A cold and rainy day?  Shorts and sleeveless.  It is ridiculous.  He looks homeless.

That, and the fact that his pants were on backwards at church yesterday.  I only noticed when he tried to put something in his pocket and it didn’t really work since it slanted the wrong direction.

If I was a better mom, I would bend the child to my will.  But I don’t.  I mostly don’t care what he looks like.  I carry a sweatshirt in the winter and water for him in the summer.  He’s a ridiculous chap.


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