14 Aug

Huge story about Paul Ryan in last week’s New Yorker; they’ve got to be feeling pretty good about themselves for beating Mitt to the punch.

I have been conflicted about presidential candidates.  That is over now.  While I am unhappy about many things about my current president, I am annoyed by more every day from the opposer.  An uber conservative running mate?  Thanks for making it easier on me.

In other election news, I am not running for school board.  I am sad about it, but one day in June I realized that it was not the right time for me.  I kind of need to focus on the Owen right now.  I hate that it is true, but it is.  Yuma Elementary District 1 will have to hold off on falling apart till I figure out how to take care of my child.

Also, one of our senators is retiring.  It makes no difference because my whole state is Republican but I can pretend that it might be a change.  Sigh.  I need to move.


One Response to “Elections”

  1. spanishjenna August 15, 2012 at 5:24 am #

    It’s a good thing our friendship isn’t based on politics. And I can’t imagine what THE NEW YORKER had to say about Paul Ryan.

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