The Magic

7 Aug

I’ll write more later about our great first day of school and the great weekend that preceded it.  Really.  But Owen is off to see his neurologist in Phoenix today…with his father.

I’m nervous for Todd to be in charge of this adventure.  He does everything except medical with the kids.  It isn’t that I trust him, I think I just like to be in control of something that stresses me out.  But he’s doing it.  And it will be good.

I was less worried before this morning when Owen had a seizure.  He had one a few days ago too.  Before that, he has had a good summer mostly on the epilepsy front, but of course it has only been two months.

Anyway, think of my boys today.  I’ll probably conference call with them and the fabulous Dr. Alarcio during the appointment, but I’m trying to relax and not think too much about Todd forgetting his son’s birthday or drug allergies or acting like he has no idea what is going on.  It will work out fine.  Right?  Right!

Todd called me when they got to Phoenix.  Five minutes later the doctor’s office called.  Family emergency, appointment cancelled.  Good thing it is Todd and not me because I would be crying.  Four more hours driving back, only to do it all again Friday.  ARGH


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