29 Jul

I read this post about observing the Sabbath, religious or secular wise, at an unexpected place–another blog from the Chronicle of Higher Education where I write about community college.  I really enjoyed it and thought others might as well.  I liked the idea of making your ‘day of rest’ not be about activities you can’t/don’t do, but about what you can do or choose to do.  It is an attitude shift I can work on.

My childhood home was a strict one.  We won’t delve into that.  I don’t want the same thing, but I do believe in the 10 commandments and try to make Sunday different from other days.  I can do better at it.  If you have any helpful thoughts, share.  Read the link.  Seriously.  Interesting and good stuff.


2 Responses to “Sabbath”

  1. MBC July 30, 2012 at 4:39 am #

    Hey, thanks for this! My only spiritualish goal this year is to have a restful Sabbath. The first several weeks we were in Canada, I had really rough Sundays and at the end of them, I would always end up lying in bed telling Steve, “I just hate Sundays.” I was already tired from taking care of a sleepless baby all week and on Sundays he was totally overstimulated at church by all the well-meaning baby grabbers, throwing his sleep off even more. I was stressed out from trying to get us to church on time (Steve is not a person who notices the time) and with our callings and meetings the whole day just felt like MORE work than the rest of the week. I had a thought in church one of these weeks that I desperately needed rest in my life and so I was going to take advantage of a promised source of rest in the gospel and make the Sabbath for me and not me for the Sabbath.

    These are our changes so far: I now (with Steve’s help) clean the apartment well on Saturday, so that I don’t feel stressed out by hanging out in a mess on Sunday. We pretty much only eat from the crockpot on Sunday and I prepare it Saturday night, so I just have to take out the crock and plug it in on Sunday morning. I try to gather everything up for Sunday on Saturday–scriptures, tithing, Primary sharing time junk–and also ask Steve to shower and get his stuff ready Saturday night. When Steve’s ward council meetings were going for 3 hours every single time and I saw in the handbook that they were only supposed to last an hour and a half max, I started asking him to leave after that amount of time (he tells the branch president ahead of time that he’s only staying that long). I don’t do sharing times as elaborate as the Primary stuff I did before I had a baby; I think it would be a foolish sacrifice of my time. I’ve just this week started thinking about things I actually want to do on Sundays, rather than just creating a space that’s not stressful. This week we wrote cards to the baby’s cousins from him and to my sick great aunt and to my dad, because his birthday’s coming up. It was fun. I’ve been thinking about blogging about this and I might still even though I just wrote practically a whole post here.

    Thanks again for the article!

  2. Jenny July 30, 2012 at 10:33 am #

    That was super awesome & has got me thinking! Thanks for sharing!

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