Cruel and Unusual

25 Jul

I did something I’m not proud of, about four years ago.  I put Fetus Owen on a waiting list for a preschool.

I had actually called about Cole going to the preschool.  They were kind while they laughed at me wanting him to go only one year ahead.  Then they explained how popular they are.  The preschool is actually the learning lab at my community college.  I thought as faculty I might get to jump the list.  No.  I get a nice discount but still have to wait in line.

They do great stuff.  Amazing stuff.  They have a fabulous adult/child ratio from all the students.  And a lovely new facility.

Today I got the call.  TODAY.  Four years after putting Owen on the list.  Someone unexpectedly moved.  There is an opening.

Why is this cruel and unusual?  They no longer offer part time.  Owen would have to go all day, every day.  That is not what I want.  It is somewhat tempting but not really.  I got off the phone a heartbroken woman.  I will mourn a little for what could have been.  Then I will go play Legos.


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