I Forgot

22 Jul

The boys are back in town.  I forgot how soft they are (all 3) and how much I like hugging them.  I also forgot how loud it can get.  And how much grooming they need; I believe there was one, maybe two, showers during their 15 days away.  We won’t even speak of their ears and fingernails.

I also seem to have forgotten how to sleep at night.  I’ve been on a stay up super late schedule, since it is mind numbingly hot during the day.  So now that I got up today at a reasonable hour I am exhausted already.

I didn’t forget, since I kept hearing about it from Todd’s family, that Cole never eats.  I worry about it less than I used to, but still somewhat.  He looks awful and stick skinny and like he’s been abandoned.

Owen had ZERO seizures while he was away which is fantastic.  It looks like he might have found a good dose of meds, at least until he grows 1/2 a pound and throws everything off.  For now, looking good.


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