17 Jul

Once upon a time it was 2004 and we were going to adopt children so we needed a larger vehicle than our Jeep Wrangler, so the Todd and I boug

ht a used 4 door truck.  We also bought a first aid kit.

Until last week, said kit had been used one time in 2005 for a bandaid for a friend on a camping trip.

All that changed recently.  My little first aid kit was able to triumph and come out from its hiding place behind the seat and save the day for the Olsen/Cassidy clan in Capistrano.  Tweezers, antibiotic cream, alcohol swabs, bandaids and more.  All used to save lives…or at least owies.  Losts of owies.  Some really gross.

When I left and the peeps had five more days, I left them with the first aid kit.  I’m like that.  So I have a new one now.  Not expired.  A little larger, a little more prepared for whatever may come.

You probably want to invite me on a trip.


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