Good Stuff

14 Jul

Do you understand that you are exactly attractive enough and thin enough (even if you weigh four hundred pounds) and smart enough and funny enough, even if you cannot tell a knock-knock joke?  You are exactly everything enough to the person who thinks you are.

Just like when you look at them, your eyes will get all wet and girly.  Because of their beauty.  Even if by any ordinary, reasonable standard, they’re short and old and have bad skin.

To meet your soul mate, you have to be exposed to other people.  And you have to be willing to show them your soul.  You have to be only yourself.  If it makes you nervous or uncomfortable to do this, good.  Even better.  Because that’s you, too.

You cannot make a mistake on a date with the right person for you.

If you stand up from the table and accidentally trip and the tablecloth along with everything on it lands on the lap of the person sitting across from you…if they are the right person?

That will be the moment they realize they love you.

Maybe this happens when you are twenty-three.  Or maybe it happens when you reach fifty-four.  Or maybe seven days after your eighty-sixth birthday.

Augusten Burroughs, This is How: Help for the Self


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