Early Morning Phone Calls

28 Jun

I got a call from an editor this morning.  First of all, that is highly unusual–most use email or snail mail.  I was surrounded my loud boys so I felt like an idiot, but I hadn’t recognized the area code so I just answered.

It was a very nice, if odd, conversation.  I submitted an essay to her magazine several months ago.  She loved it.  She is not using it.  She wants to help it find another home.

I appreciate the call, really.  It was nice that she took the time and that she spoke so positively about the essay (which is something I’m actually quite proud of).  But it was confusing because she sounded like she was buying it, then she wasn’t.  Which of course sucks.

Apparently I’m fantastic though and the piece DESERVES publication.  Just have to find the right home, I suppose.

I’m off to meet with a trainer at my new gym.  I don’t want to meet with him or find out my fitness score, but I should do it so I am going to.  I feel that there might be a little pity party around here this afternoon.  You’re all invited!


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