Weekend Thrills

7 May
  • Owen announced that he will be wearing underwear at night.  I had some trepidation as he has not been perfect on making it to the bathroom previously, but he seems fine.  The child is so stubborn!  He decided and now things are fine.  I’m quite happy but not sure how I will ever try to make him do something on my schedule.
  • About two weeks ago, the boys went with their father to a bicycle rodeo (mostly so Cole could get a new free helmet).  Ever since, Cole has wanted to take off his training wheels.  I know myself so we had to wait till a time when the dad could help–I have not nearly enough patience.  After an hour in the hot sun, while Owen and I biked and ran and played with sticks, Cole sobbing most of the time, we called it quits for the day.  At no point did the father ever get a chance to let go of the bike.  At this rate, maybe Cole will be an independent rider in 2015.
  • Owen has been swimming with a pool noodle, an inflatable ring, and arm floaties.  That’s how he likes to roll.  Then he decided on Saturday that he can swim.  So he walked off the step and swam to Todd.  I was in shock.  He keeps his head above water fine.  He’ll only do it with a person for a destination, but it is hilarious.
  • Ten pounds of strawberries.  Strawberry mango ice cream.  Strawberry pie.  Strawberry fruit leather tomorrow.

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