A Quiz!

3 May

I’m reading a book that referred to the quizzes and information about something called Authentic Happiness.  On her recommendation, I took the VIA Survey of Character Strengths.  240 questions, be warned.  If you are also interested, check it and other stuff out here–you do have to make an account.

Anyway, I’d say it is fairly accurate.  My five weakest areas are: hope, optimism and future mindedness; industry, diligence and perserverence; self-control and self-regulation; citizenship, teamwork and loyalty; modesty and humility.  I wish I could say this is wrong, but it isn’t.  I quit things.  I hate teams.

Let’s get to the positives though:

Your Top Strength
Love of learning You love learning new things, whether in a class or on your own. You have always loved school, reading, and museums-anywhere and everywhere there is an opportunity to learn.

Your Second Strength
Gratitude You are aware of the good things that happen to you, and you never take them for granted. Your friends and family members know that you are a grateful person because you always take the time to express your thanks.

Your Third Strength
Judgment, critical thinking, and open-mindedness Thinking things through and examining them from all sides are important aspects of who you are. You do not jump to conclusions, and you rely only on solid evidence to make your decisions. You are able to change your mind.

Your Fourth Strength
Kindness and generosity You are kind and generous to others, and you are never too busy to do a favor. You enjoy doing good deeds for others, even if you do not know them well.

Your Fifth Strength
Honesty, authenticity, and genuineness You are an honest person, not only by speaking the truth but by living your life in a genuine and authentic way. You are down to earth and without pretense; you are a “real” person.



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