Family Updates

16 Apr
  • I think I have PMS.  Not today, but generally.  Only the last few years.  I don’t care for it.
  • Owen has gone a full week without a seizure.  I think that last happened in November.
  • Every inch of Cole is growing, every day.  I feel like I mention it to him a lot but I can’t help it, he looks homeless in all his clothes.  New shoes, shorts, shirts, hat even.  Sheesh.
  • All three males in this house are obsessed with a video game called Minecraft.  I can’t tell you much, but it appears to be from 1975 though Todd says it is actually new.  You build things.  I don’t really know.
  • I am caught up on everything in my life.  Work, cleaning, other work, reading.  Kind of weird.

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