Secret Vices

11 Apr

I have an affinity for a certain kind of book–the project book.  Not something useful like How to Tile, Raise Chickens and Save the World.  Books where other people set goals and do things, preferably for a year.

Books in this category (that I have read) include:

The Know It All, The Year of Living Biblically, another AJ Jacobs book I can’t remember, The Wilder Life, The Year of Yes, Tolstoy and the Purple Chair, MWF Seeking BFF, The Happiness Project and probably lots more.

The thing is, I never really like these books.  I like the idea of them.  I have bad follow through so I’m intrigued by people who do something for a whole year.  That is so not me.  It turns out, the authors of many of these books are annoying.  Also, by the last 25% they are tired of their projects and so become bad writers.

Yet I continue to hold out hope and read more and more project books.  The good ones are really good and they make me happy.  Todd told me recently that I should write this type of book.  That was sweet.  And so not possible.  I can’t do anything that consistently.  I wish I was a different person, but I’m not.


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