Life Lesson

3 Apr

After an evening at the county fair, let me tell you a few things that don’t bode well for your future if you choose to do them.

1. getting a tattoo on your face: you are just acknowledging that you will never try to have a regular job even.  Talk about closing a lot of doors on your life.  And you will freak me out every time I look at you.

2. dressing up to go to the fair: really ladies, this doesn’t require a new outfit, big hair and full makeup.  We’re talking about a location filled with rides and animal feces.  Think bigger.

3. spending big money winning stuffed animals: just listen to me.  save the cash.  You look like an idiot while doing the activity, while carting around some big stuffed creature, and when you realize the panda bear cost $100 you are going to be annoyed.

And, for the record, I really want a nubian pygmy goat.

One Response to “Life Lesson”

  1. MBC April 4, 2012 at 4:51 am #

    Oh man, I want a pygmy goat too!

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