8 Mar

Owen and I spent yesterday at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  90% of our day was great.  I wish every hospital was as awesome as that one–awesome in staff, in cool light displays, efficiency, food, what have you.

Only two little parts of our day were terrible.  I’m trying to focus on that.

One is that they saw something on his MRI, casually mentioned it, and I won’t know more till later today.  Thanks for the night of worrying!  LOVE IT.

Second, on our 200 mile drive home, I rolled down the window to dump some flat soda.  Yes, it was stupid.  Also, it was hugely windy and I have a super aerodynamic hybrid vehicle.  I totally lost control of the car.  It was horrifying.  Far left side of freeway, then trying to correct and being sideways across the middle of it.  Owen screaming.  Me not knowing what was going on.  LUCKILY no other cars around, no damage, and able to get it together.  It was horrible.  Like sliding on ice.  I feel very blessed and watched over today that we were safe and sound.  I can’t even describe it.



One Response to “90%”

  1. kristine March 8, 2012 at 8:34 am #

    Glad you guys are safe! What exactly did they say about it?

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