9 Feb

Owen fell off the swings today, twice.  The problem with my life is that I have to worry:

  • is he just being a weird normal kid?
  • is he dizzy from his newly upped meds?
  • is he having a problem holding on which happens after he’s had a seizure?
  • does this have anything to do with his right side muscle weakness?

I feel paranoid all the time.  Then sometimes I should be, as evidenced by my visit with his neurologist.  Something is going on–he’s having problems with his right leg, his reflexes are jumpy, he’s super light sensitive, and his seizures are changing.  We will see.

Anyway.  I know I’m a bad blogger lately.  But this is what I am thinking about all the time and it isn’t much fun to read.  So I have just shut up mostly.  And there you have it.


One Response to “newsy”

  1. kristine February 9, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

    I know you’re not looking for sympathy but my heart goes out to you and your little O. I understand how it feels to second guess every situation but at least i have no unanswered questions. I hope this is all figured out soon!

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