Commuting Is Fun!

5 Jan

The husband has been driving 52 miles each way to work most days for the past eleven years.

Right before Christmas, he got his second ticket, same as the ticket before.

See, California would like him to register his car in their state since he is employed there.  As a user of the roads, I understand this.  Problem is, Arizona would like him to register his car in their state since he lives there.  And therein lies the problem.

If the commute was 35 miles or less, Todd could get a commuter sticker–$15 for two years.  But no.

He gets to have a SECOND LICENSE PLATE.  He went to court over it before and the judge said, “I know it makes no sense but that is the law.”  After two hours at the DMV yesterday trying different avenues, same result.

I’m pretty sure that we are going to have more hassle when he gets pulled over in any state for having two license plates, looking like a criminal.

But at least it isn’t the car fun that happened to the guy he carpools with (who will remain nameless).  X was coming through a border patrol checkpoint over the holidays (we have them everywhere around here…whole other post).  X was referrred to secondary when a drug dog hit on his car.  The agents found a joint in the car.  It was not X’s.  It was his son’s (so the story goes).  I cannot believe they just let him go.  Todd is just glad it wasn’t a day they were together.  Usually the border patrol is not known for leniency, though I guess they are mostly looking for Big Time Drug Amounts, not personal stash, but still…

And that is some of the magic of our life.


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