Parenting Tips

23 Dec
  • If you have a sensitive child, don’t talk about the naughty list aspect of the Santa story.  It will traumatize said child.  He, who already worried every day about being a good person, will now worry that he is not only going to hell and making you all disappointed, but also that he won’t get any presents because of infinitessimally small lapses in behavior.  This will have no effect on the other child who embraces his naughty.
  • Just because a movie says that it has ONE swear word (and not even that one), no sex, no blood, it may not be the best choice for a family outing with a 6 and 2.89 year old.  We all enjoyed Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol but the intense action made Cole worry a lot about if Ethan Hunt (aka Tom Cruise) would survive.

Whether or not you have children, you can still pass on my tidbits to people in the line at the grocery store who seem to be bad parents.  They will totally appreciate it.  Trust me.


One Response to “Parenting Tips”

  1. spanishjenna December 23, 2011 at 9:52 pm #

    Tell Cole that I love him and will bring him presents if Santa should fail him.

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