Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

14 Dec

Disclaimer: I know that I sound like an elderly person when I discuss the weather and gas prices.  I also dislike it when kids cut across my lawn.

We are on day three of cold and wet, with lots of rain and lots of clouds and even fog this morning.  It is not even snow to make things look pretty.  Just gray and yuck.  I live in Arizona for a reason–not the swell politics or minimal funding of schools.  SUNSHINE.  I joke about it, but really I need sunshine.  I am a little bit addicted.  It is legal, free, and only has pesky cancer for side effects.

Without, I am having a hard time getting going.  I don’t feel like taking a shower because I’d have to get naked which seems so cold.  I know, just for a minute, but still.  Perhaps I will start some baking to feel a bit more toasty.

I need the sun to come out.  Come on!  December is supposed to be the reward for surviving August here.  For the love!


One Response to “Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful”

  1. jenna December 14, 2011 at 9:38 am #

    Be glad you don’t live in Ever-Foggy Monterey. It took me a year to take a shower because it’s always just so cold and foggy and uninspiring. I miss Arizona. I prayed so hard for Ben to get a job in Arizona. Apparently God doesn’t care if I’m cold.

    I also have to wait for the tap water to be hot every time I wash my hands. This annoys Ben to no end but I’d have cold hands all day otherwise and I just can’t live my life like that.

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