Christmas A Third Time

5 Dec

We are having a mellow Christmas this year.  First off, my parents aren’t speaking to me so that cuts out a whole pile of gifts. Second, I love gift giving at other times of the year more than at Christmas.  And finally, this house is filled with crud and I don’t want more stuff!

But then I splurged on a present for my Cole today, so perhaps all bets are off.  Here it is.  A year subscription for cool things in the mail?  Hello, I would have loved it as a child.  Maybe that is the key to the whole thing.

As for me and what I want?  A new shower.  Not going to happen.  Right now I could sure use a Christmas mix cd since, after 34 years, I am finally getting a little tired of The Carpenters’ Christmas album.  It was bound to happen.  The only item I have requested is a step aerobics step, which is so weird that I doubt Todd will do it.

What are you hoping for this year?  Reality hoping or make believe land version?

Addendum: Just read the Williams Sonoma holiday catalog.  Would like every item, particularly the food items.  And a life that requires such tools.


3 Responses to “Christmas A Third Time”

  1. kristine December 5, 2011 at 5:01 pm #

    Love the cole gift- you’re the best mom ever. You speak blasphemy about carpenters, they’re still my favorite. If you get the step, let me know… I have DVDs that I think you should get.

  2. jenna December 5, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    After a particularly difficult day with the teething toddler, Ben had the nerve to read the bottom of my Pampered Chef muffin pan. And what part did he focus on? The pampered part. So he quit feeling sorry for me. I’m switching over to Williams Sonoma. I might marry them anyway when Ben dies (of natural causes, of course).

    Isaac’s getting consumable stuff and socks–bubble bath, disposable sippies (which turn into drippies), ice treats. He’ll love them all and we won’t have more stuff in our house.

  3. Kate December 8, 2011 at 10:52 pm #

    Too bad you don’t have a step sister.

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